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Coffee Diff is dedicated to people who value their coffee beans and make extra effort to source the best of their favourite brew. Coffee Diff aims to be a helpful resource which tracks coffee roasters, coffee beans, prices and other relevant information.

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Coffee Diff Search helps you to find coffee beans that match your preferred flavour, roast level, decaf, and more.Many great search features are currently being developed. Follow the links below with predefined popular searches or to see all the coffee beans currently listed. More great beans from more roasters are added weekly. Currently featuring 1144 unique coffee products from 93 roasters. Additional 79 coffee products, that are currently out of stock, are excluded from the list. Information updated at 21 Sep 2019.

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Search Beans with Lighter Roast

The beans prepared to be used (mainly but not exclusively) for filter coffee are roasted to medium roast level or lighter, or at temperatures before second crack (up to 219 °C / 426 °F). The variations of this roast levels are, sometimes, called Cinnamon Roast, Light Roast, American Roast, City Roast.

Filter Roast Coffee Beans (Table View )

Filter Roast Coffee Beans (with images, takes longer to download)

Decaf Filter Roast Coffee Beans (with images) (Table View )

Search Beans with Darker Roast

The beans prepared to be used (mainly but not exclusively) for espresso coffee are roasted to medium-dark roast level or darker, or at temperatures after second crack (between 219 °C / 426 °F and 245 °C / 473 °F). The variations of this roast levels are, sometimes, called Full City Roast, Vienna Roast, French Roast, Italian Roast.

Espresso Roast Coffee (Table View )

Espresso Roast Coffee (with images, takes longer to download)

Decaf Espresso Roast Coffee (with images) (Table View )

Search Decaf Beans

Decaffeinated coffee beans (decaf for short) are beans that have had most of their caffeine removed. There are several different processes used to remove caffeine from the coffee beans. The beans are decaffeinated before they are roasted and ground. The nutritional value of decaf coffee is similar to regular coffee, minus the caffeine content.

Decaf Coffee (Table View )

Decaf Coffee (with images, takes longer to download)

Decaf Green Coffee (with images) (Table View )

Search Beans with Chocolate Flavour Notes


Coffee with Chocolate Flavour Notes (Table View )

Coffee with Chocolate Flavour Notes (with images, takes longer to download)

Decaf Coffee with Chocolate Flavour Notes (with images) (Table View )

Search Green Beans

Green coffee beans are the raw dried seeds of coffee berries that have been removed from the soft coffee cherry and are yet to be roasted. The coffee bean's taste and specific flavor notes are contained in this green bean or seed. However, in order to release different flavour notes, the beans have to be roasted. If you like to have control over this aspect of coffee's flavour, then check out these links:

List of all green beans (Table View )

List decaffeinated green beans (Table View )

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Coffee Musings

Coffee Diff philosophy - good coffee makes all the difference. Are you old enough to have had a calligraphy class in school? Do you remember how certain letters had to have precise proportions? Or how certain ends of certain letters absolutely had to join the following letter at the very specific point? There are rules and the rules must be obeyed. The rules come with benefits. What constrains us in one area of expressiveness frees and pushes our mind to be expressive elsewhere, for example, our thoughts.

The same kind of relationship exists regarding coffee. The techniques of extracting desired goodness from the coffee beans developed over centuries. This percolated into several distinct methods of brewing the drink, one of the recent methods being espresso (just over 100 years old). There are variations in the extraction method for preparing espresso, but many parameters are reasonably fixed, such as concentration of coffee, size of ground, pressure and temperature of water. These constraints are not dissimilar to the constraints in calligraphy...